Sunday, 23 September 2012

.. Lazy Sunday

All four of us squeezed in for cups of tea and juice in bed

Wellies hastily shoved over stay-in-all-day joggers to give the dog a quick walk in the rain

Mid morning bacon sarnies for breakfast

Rainy days meaning family movie watching and sneaky snoozes, skootched up on the sofa 

Lazy dog enjoying the attention

Flowers opening and bringing the outdoors in

Cake eating and game playing whilst Dad watched F1

A teeny glass of wine whilst cooking a roast

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory  - the original and best

A very naughty roast dinner on our knees whilst we watched films

Duck fishing in the bath

Hooky in front of the fire..

Friday, 21 September 2012

... New Blog

Well, I've decided that Truly Scrumdiddlyumptious needs to retire. It might come out of retirement, but it's not been doing a lot for a while, and I don't always want to blog about food.
So "Make me a..." is born. I figure that will cover most of the posts I want to write and where it doesn't, I'll MAKE IT! 

I miss those Facebook status updates that you were forced to write to fit with "is..." 
I see this as a challenge. 

I'm not up for fiddling with the appearance right now. I'll come back to that later on. For a start I need to find a backdrop to suit the web address.

I hope you enjoy my new ramblings..

... Fabulous Carrot Cake!

I love this carrot cake recipe, and so do my kids.
Which is a bonus, as the littlest one is impossible to get vegetables into.

It's one I've taken from the BBC Good Food website, which is a bit of a go-to encyclopaedia for recipes for me. I use it daily and much as I love nothing more than sitting down with a recipe book, I can't deny that much of my day to day food inspiration comes from BBCGF.

Find the recipe here: Ultimate Carrot Cake